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It's all Greek to me!

"I'm not using ANY product with ingredients I can't pronounce!" This is a big statement people use when they're cleaning up their product list at home and changing to low tox or no tox lifestyles.

Here's the Canada we HAVE to use the scientific (also called the INCI) name for all of our ingredients on our labels. Something as simple as Castor Oil becomes Ricinus Communis Seed Oil and Lavender Essential Oil becomes Lavandula Angustifolia Oil. have a name like D-Limonene because "the oil from the rind of citrus fruits that works as a really great degreaser" just won't work in the world of labelling. Some products This can look daunting on a label when there are even just a few ingredients back to back.

Both the Naked Beauty and Naked Home line have ingredients that may look scary if you aren't a scientist, but aren't. If you have ANY questions about an ingredient, we are more than happy to break it down for you!

Friendly reminder: NB doesn't use any artificial scents, colourants, engineered preservatives (we really like products that are natural preservatives like silver and salt!). We want to give you the cleanest products at the best value, because having products that are good for you shouldn't break the bank!

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