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Are Naked Beauty Products Safe for Kids?

The simple answer is YES! I test a lot of our products on my own children because I know what is inside is totally safe for them to use. Naked Beauty has ONE product (our Detox Bath) that Health Canada recommends not using on children under the age of 3. Our goal is to make every product perform even for the most sensitive skin so you don't have to buy different lines of products for each member of the family. We also know that every family member is so special that you want the BEST products for them - and we do too!

Some very child friendly options that I've found make a difference with my kids are :

  • Magnesium Oil : troubles with the kids staying in bed and getting a restful sleep? You. NEED. This. A couple sprays on each foot (rub in gently) makes a significant difference in all of the kids we've tested this product with. Unscented and easy to use, travel with - the perfect carry-on size - and enjoy. They call this their feet spray and they love it!

  • Solid Body Butter Stick: My daughter keeps one of these in her backpack for school. Mittens/gloves getting wet are one of the main culprits in our house for red, dry hands, so to have one of these at her disposal is handy. It is SO easy to use and she can do it on her own. She also advertises for me at school lol - she's such a mini entrepreneur! She also can use this after her shower on her whole body. This gives kids such a sense of independence to be able to use products on their own.

  • Bath Truffles: my kiddos LOVE these! They make their baths smell lovely and their skin SUPER soft. They also enjoy the fun colours (there will be more coming) they get to see.

  • Hair Oil - We've stopped using conditioner! We actually use whatever bar of NB soap is in the shower to wash their hair and follow their shower with a nice head massage with some of The Mane Event hair oil. This has helped my daughter's hair grow noticeably and quickly.

  • The My son can't responsibly take a body butter stick to school yet lol 🙃, so he gets a case of the red, dry hands pretty quickly with Alberta winters. The is a nice barrier on his hands that helps clear up the chapping really really quickly.

  • The obvious - Soap and Body Butter: we don't use body washes or gels anymore, just our good old NB soap in whatever scent they pick (we obviously need to take turns picking). Their whole body gets a nice massage with whatever scent of body butter is in arms reach at the time.

Long story short, we make our products friendly for the WHOLE fam-jam. Unless you have specific allergies/sensitivities to an ingredient we use, you are good to go! I'm expecting a nephew next month and we've been working on some alternatives to chemical-filled diaper rash creams (although we've been told the unscented body butter knocks it out of the park!). Your littles are safe with us!

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