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Textures, Preservatives, and Shelf Stability, oh My!

It's been a while since I've done a blog post, and I've had a few questions about this topic lately, so let's do it!

Let's start with body butter. We are transitioning to using ONLY farm fresh tallow which is VERY exciting! We use as much as we can source right now, but have recently found a new supplier (by that I mean a local butcher) that can keep up with our demands. Tallow is a shelf stable ingredient as long as it is rendered properly. Your body butter will have at least a year of shelf life.

Why tallow?

Let me tell you! tallow is RICH in Vitamins A, D, E and K! This can help with stimulating collagen production, decreasing inflammation, is an antioxidant and can improve skin elasticity.  It also contains Oleic Acid (helps our skin stay soft and flexible, anti-inflammatory) and Stearic Acid (helps protect our skin barrier, reduces flaking and itchiness of the skin).This is a super high level overview because I could go on for days about how amazing tallow is for our skin.

I'm spending a bit of extra time on the body butter piece here because I've had lots of questions lately! The texture/hardness of your butter will change with temperature. Because we don't add any synthetic anything, expect the butter to get more firm when it's stored at a cooler temperature and looser when it's warmer.

I get asked so frequently if we have lotion. Naked Beauty does not make lotion. Until we can find a preservative made from nature (trust me, we are always looking) we will not use water mixed with oils/fats. These would then require emulsifiers and preservative to keep their texture and shelf stability.

Soaps - soaps are like wine, the longer they age the better they get! We cure our soap for 4 weeks at the VERY minimum. The longer they sit the better. For shelf life once you start using them, we recommend using a soap dish that drains so your soap can dry between uses.

Oils & balms - We choose the oils and butters we use will a long shelf life as well. We purchase in quantities we know we can sell well before the best before date.

Naked Home - We use liquid silver in all 3 of our home cleaning products. Silver is a natural preservative and will help these items last well in your cupboard as well.

As always, please reach out and connect with me for a deeper conversation or with any questions you have!

Happy Hump Day!

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