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Laundry Stain Stick

Laundry Stain Stick


Introducing our all-natural laundry stain sticks – your eco-friendly solution to tackling tough stains effortlessly. Infused with the power of plant-based ingredients, these stain sticks effectively target and remove stains without compromising on environmental responsibility. With a gentle touch on fabrics, they are tough on stains, leaving your clothes spotless and fresh. Take a step towards sustainable stain removal and embrace the natural way to keep your garments looking pristine. Conquer stains with confidence, knowing you're making a choice that's both effective and kind to the planet.

Directions: wet the stain stick and rub directly on to the stain. If you prefer, you can also lather in your hands like a bar of soap and rub the stain with your hands. Wash your item after using the stain stick.


    Cocos nucifera (Coconut) Oil, Distilled Water, Sodium Hydroxide, D-Limonene

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