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Oils: Do they clog or cleanse?

Why does it matter what oils you use?

Let's talk about it!

First things first, let's talk about the comedogenic scale.

This is a scale from 0-5 that rates how oils and butters will clog pores (or not!)

A rating of:

0 = will not clog pores

1 = very low likelihood of clogging pores

2 = moderately low likelihood

3 = moderate likelihood

4 = fairly high

5 = highly probability

So.....what does this mean?

It means that for products you're using on your face, the best range to stay in is 0-2. Please note: these are for LEAVE ON skincare products, not WASH OFFS. Coconut oil in your soap won't clog your pores the way it would clog the pores on your face, because when it's made in to soap, it goes through a bunch of structural changes.

What does NB use in the face oil?

We have 3 ingredients in our face oil (we have a second face oil coming soon so stay tuned!)

Jojoba oil - 2 on the scale, full of vitamin E, antibacterial and an antioxidant.

Olive oil - 2 on the scale (better for your skin if cold-pressed, which is what we use), antibacterial, contains corrective polyphenols (micronutrients).

Calendula - not an oil, just the flower so no comedogenic rating! We infuse this into the jojoba oil. Benefits include being anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, can induce skin tightness, aids in wound healing, and so many more!

Why didn't you use only oils rated 0?

Great question! There are a few factors:

Cost - some of the oils like Argan would increase the cost of my supplies at least 4 times. I like to keep theses products decently priced so they're affordable for all!

Allergies - I LOVE Sweet Almond Oil which is a 0 on the scale, but there are a lot of customers with nut allergies

Seed Oils - I try to avoid seed oils wherever I can. I've phased them out of several soaps because I didn't know better and wasn't as crunchy when Naked Beauty was first born. Safflower and Sunflower oils are both seed oils, so even though they may be low on the scale, they're not the best for you.

Long story short - every product STILL isn't going to be that perfect product for everyone, but with what we've created, the majority of people will have zero issues with our face oil. We consider so many things when creating products to ensure you're getting the best value from your purchases.

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