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Size Matters!

Have you ever weighed a product that you bought and found out it actually doesn't weigh as much as it says it does? You have to account, of course, for the packaging in that weight, but some companies label by the size of the jar, not the weight of the product inside. In Canada, we aren't allowed to do that! Also, it is NEVER something you'll find here at Naked Beauty.

When my first designer did my bar soap labels for me, we labelled them all as 4 oz. Since then, I've changed my molds, additives, colourants, etc. and those all carry weight! The new labels still say 4 oz, but it's actually rare that you'll find a 4 oz bar of soap from us. I decided to weigh out all the soaps I was labelling last week. Take a look!

Will this happen EVERY time? No, not always. I still hand cut each bar and even though I measure every single time, human error is always present, so some bars may weigh a liiiiiiiiittle more than others. If the bar is under 4 oz, it doesn't get labelled. That's the rules! So you won't find anything UNDER 4 oz, but you're welcome for my heavy handed cutting when you land bars like this beauty right here.

As always, shoot me a message if you want to ask me any questions about the business, the products, or anything else!

Thanks for reading! :)

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