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How Important is Local?

Shopping at a local business keeps your neighbours employed. At Naked Beauty we do our absolute best to source everything locally. If we can't source it locally, we try to source it from the country each product is indigenous to.

This photo shows how our family even tries to incorporate into the very core of our lives. The pink mug was made by a company in Calgary, the sausage and eggs are from a Hutterite colony near our home, veggies and fruit purchased at a local farmers market and the bread was made my one of my favourite local bread guys!

Local people care about the quality of the product they're offering to you. If you aren't already on the #shoplocal lifestyle (I won't call it a bandwagon because it literally is a way of life), I highly encourage you to seek out some local makers, crafters, farmers, bakers, etc etc. We may not be as cheap as Amazon or some of the other big retailers, but we can give you a quality product. You're also helping us feed our families (using the local farmers' food and dining at local restaurants), pay for our kids' schools and extracurriculars (which put more $$ into the local community), and so much more!

I will never not be passionate about create a sustainable local community, and supporting the small businesses with owners who have huge hopes to grow into larger ones to provide the best quality to you - our customers who turn into our friends, our neighbours, and your families.

Thanks for supporting our small business with big dreams!

P.S. We have a meeting with an amazing local business this week to talk about partnership opportunities for supplies!

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