Welcome to Naked Beauty!

Welcome to Naked Beauty!

We strive to make the BEST quality products for you and your family.

I should start by introducing myself and the people behind the brand. I'm Rachel -  a wife, mom of 2, serial entrepreneur, and creative director here at NB. 

It all started with a little side gig I had many years ago as a distributor for a bath and body company. I wasn't happy after a while with the quality or ingredient lists, so I decided to try my hand at it myself! My husband, Sam (you'll love him, I'm sure he'll post something to say hello eventually) has very sensitive skin, and EVERYTHING makes him break out. 

Thus, Naked Beauty was born. No name, no logo, no product lists, or even recipes. I tried batch after batch of soap and enlisted friends and families to be my testers. After months of incessant soaping, filling my kitchen and dining room table with pounds and pounds of soap, we were ready to start something. 

During all this testing, Sam was my number one target. If he didn't break out, neither would *most* other people. Every bar passed the test! Slowly (as in over a year of testing and perfecting a recipe), we added bath bombs, body butter, some scrubs, but soap is my first love.

We're glad you're here; thanks for joining us! I can't wait for you to love your order. 

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